~*~*~ Danita’s Review of The Exception by Adriana Locke ~*~*~

1exception cover

The Exception is one of the best debut’s I’ve ever read. We are given alternating POVs from the two leads, Cane and Jada. Cane is one of the most arrogant alpha males I’ve read, and I loved every minute of it. He knows what he wants and who he wants, and he doesn’t let anything or anyone stand in his way. Behind his arrogance, there is a level of vulnerability that is endearing. When we learn about his past, you can’t help but to feel for him.

Jada has just come out of a terrible marriage, and moved in with her sister while she tries to reclaim her life. The last thing she needs is a man, especially one like Cane Alexander. Despite knowing he is the last thing she needs, she can’t help but want him. Jada does her best to resist Cane, but he charms his way into her life.

As they begin to realize that they could be what the other needs most in their life, danger from Cane’s past threatens to ruin their future. Lies are told, and secrets are revealed, all reminding Jada of the horrible marriage she is trying to leave in her past. This leaves Jada wondering if she will be able to forgive Cane and move forward with him, or will the past repeating itself be too much for her to handle? Cane is determined to make Jada see that she is it for him: his exception.

I really loved everything about this book. Cane and Jada were strong leads, and I loved the secondary characters Max and Kari just as much. This book is a must-read. I look forward to many more incredible books from Adriana Locke.  5 stars!


Buy The Exception here:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1zBn3ln
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/2940150314955

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