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Author, Amy Daws
released A Broken Us
last September,
but now she’s
re-wound the
clock to go back
to where it all began…


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College love never hurt so good.


The dreaded friend-zone…
The last place I ever want to be with college basketball God, Jake LaShae.
I am losing my mind trying to figure out what this gorgeous
and confident man wants from me.
I need to break through his walls.
What is it about me that makes him not go there? What am I lacking?
When a mind-blowing betrayal knocks the wind out of me,
and I think I can’t feel any lower…Brody stumbles into my path—barefoot no less,
and sexy as hell. His direct and mouth-watering swagger is a breath of fresh air.
The feelings this man gives me are like nothing I’ve ever experienced.
But Brody has a past.
A past that makes it nearly impossible for him to trust me and let us
become us in whatever capacity that may be.
Just when Brody and I truly connect,
just when I think that finding my soul-mate in college isn’t a total joke,
Jake comes back into my life…and messes things up…possibly for good.


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I look back out the window and am floored when I see Brody standing there with a big goofy grin on his face. I stand up in shock and walk through a row of computers closer to the window to figure out what’s going on.

He smiles even bigger as I approach, then holds up a finger, indicating to wait one minute.

He fumbles in his backpack lying on the ground next to him, and presses a white sheet of paper up against the window. I squint to read it.


I laugh out loud at his message, to which Parni and a few other students look up at me and train their eyes on the Brody Spectacle as well. I run back to my desk, grab a notebook, and quickly write my number down. I return to Brody’s eager eyes and hold my paper up. We’re now separated by two feet and one pane of glass.

He smiles, then quickly grabs his phone out of his pocket and enters my digits. He holds up one finger again, and reaches into his bag and presses another sign against the window.


I laugh out loud again.

“Oh for the love of God!” Parni reprimands, but I ignore her and nod enthusiastically to Brody’s dark blue eyes. He reaches into his bag and pulls out another piece of paper.


I continue shamelessly beaming back at him, and he swaps his paper with another.


I furrow my brow and shrug my shoulders, unsure how to answer that.


He shakes his head and gives me a look that he’s disgusted. I laugh out loud at his adorably comedic expression.


Before I can even get a chance to laugh again he presses another sign up against the window.


I give him my best impressed look.


I bite my lip and nod, returning his wave goodbye. I turn on my heel and my Brody-buzz is pummeled at the sight of Jake standing in the doorway with a brown bag of food in hand, looking visibly shaken. We lock eyes and my smile fades instantly at his somber expression.


Not having read A Broken Us, I really didn’t know what to expect going into Becoming Us.  I’m so glad I was able to read this book first.  I really enjoyed it, and was glad that I was able to read this one first.

Finley has a major crush on basketball star Jake LaShae, and it seems that everyone knows it except for him.  He keeps Finley strictly in the friend-zone, and she seems to keep torturing herself by being around him hoping something more will happen between them.  Finley makes the decision to finally tell Jake exactly how she feels about him, and is then betrayed in the worst way possible.  She’s embarrassed about the fact that so many people know what happened, and tries to keep to herself.

Enter Brody, who runs out of his apartment barefoot, just to speak to Finley.  She had going over in her mind why she wasn’t good enough for Jake, so Brody’s attraction to her gives her the boost of self-confidence that she needs.  The attraction isn’t one-sided. Finley is instantly attracted to Brody.  He’s sexy, funny, and sweet, and exactly what she needs in her life.

Because of the baggage that Brody brings into the relationship, and the recent embarrassment with Jake, they decide to take things slow.  This causes them to develop a strong relationship where they truly get to know each other.  Things seem to be going well unlit Brody’s jealous and insecure side comes out.  This causes problems in their perfect little bubble, and eventually leads to Brody running.  Finley is determined to not give up on their relationship.  She knows that their “us” is worth fighting for.

For those that read A Broken Us first, this will give you the sweet backstory to Finley and Brody’s relationship.  For those of you reading Becoming Us first, this is the sweet start to a great series.  4 stars.

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*If you’re new to Amy Daws…we recommend reading this new release, Becoming Us, first and, A Broken Us, second! Though they can be read in any order. 🙂

author bio

10689481_1510303915911294_5779867820127012396_nAmy lives in South Dakota with her husband, Kevin, and their miracle daughter, Lorelei. The long-awaited birth of Lorelei is what inspired Amy’s first book, Chasing Hope, and her passion for writing. Amy’s contemporary romance books are a part of the The London Lover Series and currently have two installments out with more to come. Amy’s inspiration for writing is and always will be her six precious angel babies and her daughter. On most nights, you can find Amy and her family dancing to Strawberry Shortcake’s theme song or stuffing themselves inside children’s-sized playhouses because there is nothing they wouldn’t do for their little miracle.

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