~*~*~ BLOG TOUR/REVIEW ~*~*~ Stepbrother FML by Claire Adams




button synopsisMia has always been “one of the guys,” and with her friends in the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity it’s no different. But when one of the senior members of the frat, Jaxon, starts to pay more attention to her, she isn’t sure whether to go for the attractive and athletic guy or to just keep things the way they’ve always been. Her mind is made up when Jaxon makes a move–but then she’s thrown into confusion as he goes out of his way to ignore and snub her after they sleep together. Mia decides to move on with her life–right up until her mother announces her marriage, and introduces her to her new stepbrother… wow.

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5 Stars

“You know we can’t deny this, Mia,” he told me, his voice low. “You can’t deny it any more than I can. I love you.” I started—I couldn’t quite believe that he actually said it. I was so surprised that I replied before I could even thing about what I was saying. Jaxon “I love you too.”

Jaxon and Mia’s journey is one that will have you NOT at the edge of your seat but falling off of it. This author brings so much anticipation to this read that you will want to jump through the pages and shake these two characters and say “You have lives of your own forget what is going on and just live for the moment”

The sex between Jaxon and Mia is like tasting a fine wine. The smell of the fruitful flavors that hit our senses goes beyond the spectrum. The first taste of the essence is just magnificent in its own. The savoring of the wine it definitely fine before it becomes time. Did I mention that it was so so hot?

Major Kudos to this author

Happy Reading!

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