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A changed name, a different country, a new life.

Carte blanche, right?

Perhaps, and I might have enjoyed it under different circumstances. But the bottom line is- he won’t stop until I’m dead.

I’ve done my best to stay in the shadows. Laying low and only speaking when I absolutely need to. It worked well for me until Ryder walked into my life. Or more accurately, jogged.

The dark and broody owner of Callaghan Securities invaded my reclusive bubble when I least expected it. Knowing that my time spent avoiding people could be coming to an end, I have an important decision to make. Am I able to open up about my past? Let him in, let him help?

Or will I embrace the cold hearted bitch I have become and leave him behind like everything else in my shit life.

I was once a nice woman named Jayne O’Connor.

I’m not sure I know who that is anymore.

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5 Stars

Wow! I went into this book with not even the slightest idea what it was about. I hadn’t even read the synopsis, just jumped right in as it had been gifted to me and I just couldn’t let a good book go to waste. Well let me tell you, this book was absolutely amazing and I’m so glad that I jumped on in!

I loved pretty much every aspect of this story and loved how you were kept with very few answers all the way through trying to guess what had happened to cause Elle to be the person she had become. Although you are given snippets all the way throughout the story, you are never really given the exact answers and to me that is what made this book so remarkable.

I did find the book a bit slow to start, however once Elle settles down in North Carolina the story line picks up right away. Once it starts moving you will be completely submerged in this amazing story and left with no choice but to keep on reading until you get to the very last page.

I am floored by the depth of the character that is Elle. The Author has made her into one of the most remarkable characters I have ever read and I just loved reading her story. If you are looking for a female character who is as strong as a bull both inside and out, then look no further because she can be found in Frayed Hope.

Then you have Mr. Ryder. Wow! Now Im not usually one for the man that seems perfect all around as I just don’t see it as realistic, but Ryker is perfection to a T and I loved every damn second of it! This man has made me swoon something fierce and I can’t wait to get more of him!

I found the story had a great flow to it and had been very well edited. It was a nice clean read and I always enjoy a story that doesn’t leave you distracted by editing issues.

The only reason why I am not giving this a 5 star, is because I found that at times there was just too much description given. Although I like enough detail to make me feel like I am part of the story, I found that this was a bit too much for me and left me skimming the page to get back to the actual story. other than that this was a flawless read and the second I closed it I one clicked book #2 and can’t wait to start!

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Ryder has done his best to break my armor. It’s been a slow process but he’s reminded me what it’s like to feel again. I could never thank him enough for the toe curling and life altering experiences. He’s been my light in a hurricane-but even I know the sun can’t shine all the time. I have a big decision to make and it’s not as simple as just going left or right, forward or backward.

I’ve heard people say that when we hit a crossroad in life, the only difference is that one way is longer than the other. (Believe me when I say that these people are full of shit-don’t listen to them.) I’ve hit every fucking intersection from Canada to the USofA and no matter what direction I take, the distance is always the same. The reason for this is because it’s not about the distance, it’s about the outcome of the journey.

This journey of mine only leaves me two choices and neither satisfy me. Do I continue on my path towards retribution for my family? Or do I focus on the first man to crack my ice cold heart? He’s the only man who has ever made me feel safe at night; the first to truly accept all of me- scars included.

I’m at a crossroad and no matter which way I turn, I’m fucked.

Ryder or retribution?

This life of mine isn’t a fairytale- I know I can’t have both.

Concealed Teaser


5 Stars

Well Harlow Stone has done it again!!!

I swear this series just keeps getting better and better to the point that I don’t even know what to say after reading this one.

Book two picks up right where book 1 had left off with Elle starting over again away from Ryder. I have to say at first I was a little bummed that Ryder didn’t jump right back onto the scene, but after finishing the book Im happy to say I’m glad he didn’t. With Ryder out of the picture I was able to get completely emerged in the world of Elle and all of her struggles and I really feel like I was able to connect more with her because of it. I loved being able to see a different side of her than just the girl in hiding. Being able to see her in a different environment gave me the chance to see her as the strong amazing character she is meant to be and I absolutely loved that fact!

Yet again the Author has been able to write an amazing story with all sorts of ups and downs, twists and turns. Your head will be whipping back and forth and every time you sit there thinking you have figured out a piece of the puzzle….BAM….you are proven wrong! I honestly don’t remember ever reading a story that has done such an amazing job at keeping you in the dark and practically begging for more!

As the book went on I knew that it was going to end on another cliff hanger but I could have never predicted just how amazing this particular cliffie would be! I seriously just sat there for lord knows how long staring at my kindle in awe. Needless to say I am absolutely desperate to get my hands on book 3 and August cannot come soon enough!

I loved loved loved this story and can’t wait to get my hands on more! It just keeps getting better and better as it goes on!

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About the author

I am a thirty year old woman who loves books. Not just reading them, but books themselves. I have had a weird obsession with libraries and maps since I was a child.

Perhaps I can call it fate that I wrote my first book about a woman enters more than one address into her GPS throughout the story?

Sunny days and wine make me happy, and when I’m not enjoying the wine you can usually find me reading or making crafts with my six year old.


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