~*~*~ Danita’s Review of One Day at a Time by Evan Grace ~*~*~



********** POSSIBLE SPOILERS **********

I have to say that I LOVED this book, and it was a solid 5 star read for me until I had to go back and reread a certain part a couple of times because I thought pages were missing. Turns out, there were no pages missing, and what should have been a major discussion in the book between the 2 leads was basically brushed over and leaves the reader confused and left to figure out something on his/her own.

Why was this such a big deal, and lead to me reducing it by 1.5 stars? Here’s why: Cash is keeping a MAJOR secret from Tessa, one that he feels could cause her to leave him, not only because he kept it from her for so long, but also due to the events surrounding the secret. Cash planned to reveal his secret to Tessa and discuss things with her, until a tragedy distracted him going forward with it. The next thing we get is Tessa’s inner dialogue going over Cash’s secret in her head. This is where I had to go back to see if I missed where he told her the secret and they discussed it. The conversation didn’t happen! It leaves the reader to guess how Tessa found out. I’m still disappointed over this being left out of the book.

As far as the rest of the story, as I said, it was a 5 star read for me. Cash is a complete sweetheart. You can’t help but to be drawn to him. As a recovering drug addict, he has overcome a lot in his life, but is doing well for himself. He owns his own business, and is mending his relationship with his family, but sometimes feels as though he doesn’t deserve good things in his life because of the mistakes of his past. He hasn’t dated in years, and had no desire to, until he met Tessa.

Tessa is shy and reserved, and has lived a somewhat sheltered life. Due to tragedy from her past, she has lived with her brother since she was 18, and has been helping him raise his daughter after the death of his wife. Tessa has trouble opening up and getting close to people, but feels at ease with Cash from the moment she meets him.

Cash and Tessa have a sweet relationship. They don’t rush into anything; they take their time getting to know each other through simple lunch dates, and just talking to each other. Things are going well, until a tragedy causes Cash’s demons from his past threaten to resurface, which leads to him making a hard decision about his and Tessa’s future. Tessa is devastated, and tries to move forward, and seems to be doing well until her past comes back to haunt her as well, leading to yet another tragedy.

The issues that Cash and Tessa have to overcome, both individually and as a couple, lead to them being stronger. They realize how important it is to be open with each other about their feelings, and to talk things through. Cash finally sees that he is worthy of having good things happen for him, and Tessa sees that she is worthy of being loved. They were absolutely perfect for each other.

Overall, One Day at a Time was a great book, and is definitely worth reading. 3.5 stars

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